Shaggie Bow Hunter Deluxe


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Shaggie Bowhunter Deluxe Longcoat is our original. It’s is the fullest of
our Shaggies. 5 different shades of Cotton,Ployester. Jute and burlap
blends which give you the best cover system.
Trim away the shag on the bow arm, The use of our Camo long arm guard is recommend.
The long arm guard, leave it attached to the sleeve. Suggestion: Unroll your
LCBUJB and look at how it is rolled up, you will find Boonie hood and
face mask. Reroll and snap adjustable quick release together. Do this
a couple of times, like rolling up a sleeping bag. When hunting remove
sling strap and click together the two straps. Photo is 4/Season
jeriflage with Jute burlap blends. (Go to Notes and specify height size and color)